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At MJR consultants we pride ourselves on using a variety of methods to enable us to source exceptional people. By using a combination of traditional recruiter methods and some creative thinking outside the box, we are able to source excellent people who other recruitment agencies canít find. This gives your company unique access to an extra pool of candidates which no other companies are interviewing.   This is particularly successful when recruiting for very specific roles with an exact skill set. On many occasions MJR Consultants has filled roles which many other agencies have tried and failed to deliver to the requirements.

To enable us to deliver for you, we will first take a full brief of your needs as a business and your ongoing strategy. Then we will discuss the role and the type of person your organisation is looking for and any practical requirements for the role.

IT Recruitment

We specialise in recruiting into the IT sector and have filled roles for large and small companies alike.  Whilst we believe that our methods enable us to tackle any type of role, here are some roles we have recently filled:

Senior Solutions Architect (Java & .Net)

Senior ECM Consultant

Content Management Delivery Director

SAP CRM Consultant

European Lead SAP HR Consultant

.Net Technical Architect

Here you can see some of the clients we have filled IT roles for.

Senior Sales Recruitment

We have also worked on and filled many  senior sales roles and here are some examples of positions:

SAP Business Development Director

Healthcare Sales Vice President

BPO Business Development Specialist

Head of Oracle Sales

Senior SAP Pre Sales Specialist 

Here you can see some of the clients we have worked with on Senior Sales roles.

Digital Marketing and Online recruitment

These types of roles are becoming more popular as the internet develops and we have been privileged to work on many roles in this area such as:

Online Marketing Manager

Web Designer

Web Developer

SEO Specialist

Content Specialist

Here you can see some of the clients we have worked with on Digital Marketing and Online positions.

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